Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Tour Team and our services.

Q: What is the catch, how does Tour Team profit from my group booking if the services are free to their customers?

A: Our hotel partners pay us a fee or commission for groups we book into their hotels.


Q: Can Tour Team help us understand the hotels contract?

A: Yes, we are very familiar with the languages hotel sales people use in their contracts and we are happy to help you understand what is being said and required by the hotel.

Q: If I need to cancel a group, should I let Tour Team know or call the hotel sales contact?

A: Either is fine, but best if you can tell both of us.

Q: If I need to change dates for a group I have already booked, should I just call the hotel directly or call Tour Team?

A: Please call Tour Team. We will do a new search for your new dates. This way you can see if there might be a better hotel with lower rates for your new dates as well as checking space and rates with the hotel already booked.